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Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine

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It’s all about Data

In an era of digital disruption, it is essential for corporations to harness the power of data analytics to identify insights and allow the right person to make the right decision at the right time.

Every organisation is collecting more data than ever before from connected customer, digitalised processes and modern systems. Data analytics is becoming a commodity which is proving to be indispensable across all industries!

Recharge Resources help clients identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from their data, and turn them into a competitive advantage. To seize this opportunity, you need the right tools and expertise. You need a diverse team of experts with experience in data analytics, business intelligence and a wide range of industries. At Recharge Resources, we make it possible to extract value from the vast amounts of data you already have and create opportunity from complexity. Our multinational, multi-industry experience confirms that organisations that use their data properly have a clear advantage by improving operational performance, increasing revenue streams, reducing costs and monitoring risks. Our consultants apply proven analytical techniques and utilise tools to help you transform your data into a perpetual source of value!

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Why are we the best?

We ultimately ensure our clients become analytics-driven organisations that achieve better performance through data.

Many decision makers lack the ability to view real-time data and insights. They enter meetings and cannot present a live view of their data. We believe decision makers should have real time data available to them at a click of a button. Our consultants can provide the interactive, real-time tools and solutions to allow your decision makers to intuitively explore their data and find new insights within seconds!

Our global team of data consultants possess deep industry and technical expertise to help deliver the right solution for your organisation. We are thought leaders in the advanced analytics space and invest a lot of time in research and development to allow us to continuously deploy world-class data strategy and methodology for our clients.

Our consultants are experts in making organisations data-driven – providing everything from specific expertise on discrete issues to complete transformations spanning strategy design, implementation and ongoing support. By honing our experiences, we can easily understand the underlying challenges, customers’ needs and competitor dynamics to recommend a wide range of analytical models and transformational solutions for your business.

Stay proactive with real-time data
Empower your team with easy-to-use dashboards
Access your data anywhere with mobile intelligence solutions
Make smarter decisions with predictive data models
Stay productive with fewer interruptions and faster answers
All on the platforms and technology that works best for you
Why are we the best?

You may be wondering what differentiates us from other data consultancy companies? Apart from being able to provide industry leading business intelligence and data analytics techniques, our specialism is applying machine learning capabilities to truly allow businesses to be ready for Industry 4.0! 

What Is Machine Learning Consulting?

Our Machine Learning and AI consulting division combines industry best practices, data science modelling, deep learning algorithms, natural language processing and more – to empower YOUR COMPANY with custom designs and implementation of AI-powered software solutions.

Recharge Resources can help you to transform your ideas into tangible solutions through technical implementations that provide infinite value!

Working in partnership with your business leaders, we identify, respond and capitalise on the disruptive power of artificial intelligence.

What Is <span class="default_orange">Machine Learning</span> Consulting?
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We can help your retail business predict sales, demand, optimise warehouse logistics and implement chat bots on your website to reduce the amount of human resources you need. Further applications of machine learning services include personalised customer recommendations and discounts through behavioural analysis, or detecting financial fraud through AI technology.


We can help your organisation implement facial recognition and thermal imaging software to help identify at risk employees during the covid-19 pandemic. Using AI tools, we can improve your organisations security and health and safety goals. Our machine learning services can be applied to analyse incoming/outgoing visitors of your building and identify if they pose a risk to your organisation.

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Data Driven Business Analysis

Integrate disparate systems and streamline data into one cohesive source

Increase productivity by gaining visibility into inefficient processes

Leverage data and turn it into actionable insights

Mobile Business Intelligence

Access important business information on smartphones and tablets

Any device with a browser: smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone

BI Dashboards

Customized dashboards based on what's important for each line of business

Allow for key decision makers to get information at the forefront

Cockpit views for executives

Simplify user experience with an easy to use format

Data Analysis And Reporting

Measure business goals through automated reporting

Create ad-hoc or predefined reports

Facilitate fast decision making with access to streamlined information

Predictive Analysis

Predict trends through intuitive tools that utilize a historical view of business data

Protect margins through data-driven forecasting

End User Adoption Audits

Audit of how end users are using the available tools

Create a plan on how to increase the usage

Allows your business to get the most out of the investment

What we offer

  • Customised solutions
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Assist in identifying the problem as well as the solution

Benefits of data analytics

  • Identify future trends
  • New products development
  • Cost/Time Savings
  • Control online reputation
  • Understand market competitions

Our Consultants are standing by to discuss your needs​

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Our Consultants are standing by to discuss your needs​
Our Consultants are standing by to discuss your needs​
Our Consultants are standing by to discuss your needs​

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